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SYRIA TO BE SMASHED IN A WESTERN GENOCIDE - Then deconstructed into sectarian Bantustans as proposed by the two Protocols of
A Clean Break: A Strategy for Securing the [Greater] Realm and
The Project for a New American Century. [See maps & links below].
Get ready: THERE WILL BE BLOOD Canada's Toronto Star and its in-house, Muslim columnist, Haroon Siddiqui, openly incite Canadians to embrace their odious calls to assassinate the Syrian head of state, his entire family, leadership circle - and even hundreds of thousands of soldiers. Their second exhortation on 02 June, 2012, was unequivocal:  Canada was:  “BOMB ASSAD'S PALACES, AND BARRACKS.” 
** BREAKING NEWS: WED 18 JULY 2012; ASSAD'S CHRISTIAN  DEFENCE MINISTER MURDERED BY FUNDAMENTALISTS HIRED BY THE USI. Others killed were:  Gen. Dawoud Raijiha, Interior Minister Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ibrahim Shaar and vice-Presidential aide and former defense minister Gen. Hasan Turkmani. [The pair's summons was heard by Siddiqui's fundamentalist army - THERE IS BLOOD - on The Star.]
The Star's bomb call is noting less than a summons for mass murder in one fell swoop. A holocaust of Shock and Awe, Iraq style; or cold blooded murder by the Saudi Arabian pilots flying planes full of innocent passengers into the WTC on 09-11-01. And the Toronto Star's decision makers have anointed its Muslim editorial writer as its religious veil for their Old Testament, King's Tora, visitation on yet another Muslim country. 
Earlier, on 14 March, 2012, this kill them all, war duo had overtly launched their campaign designed to quickly mould our emotions, with the Indian born, Sunni column's first, tendentiously urgent summons that “CANADA SHOULD LOBBY FOR BOMBING SYRIA." 
The Star’s cynical religious veil was their columnist Siddiqui, who assured Canadians that his call for this genocidal act was, in his exact words, because "Canadian ideals are being violated in Syria." No, not in his Sunni governed Gulf tyrannies or in Israel or elsewhere. He offered moral support from a US war pimp, declaring that US Senator John McCain, also supported this sanguinary visitation on those Syrian targets and that R2P’s Lloyd Axworthy, now the U of M, Chancellor, also supported the US bomb them, Senator.
Commentary JOHN ISH ISHMAEL as ChosenWorld
Copyright 2012 JOHN ISH ISHMAEL or his assigns. Contact author at ISH@ISHMAEL.CA; URL

The media pair's demonizing sets the stage for acceptance of either western aerial slaughters or internal assassinations by the usual suspects who almost daily murder Muslims in the Middle East and Africa, acts which appear to provoke little Canadian or Christian revulsion. Just as Canada's scientist Dr. Gerald Bull, was murdered to steal his supergun technology and prevent him from selling his expertise to Muslim Iraq. Or like the murders of many Iranian scientists, or the many Palestinian and Lebanese resistance leaders. [Years earlier Jewish Israeli assassins had used original Canadian passports for their blood lusts and then Foreign Minister Lloyd Axworthy was complicit and suppressing the circumstances while getting a 'no repeat' from the murderous serial offenders. Worthless. The country of assassins used them again, most recently in Doha, to murder yet another Palestinian leader - as if they and we were chosen to kill.
Our leaders in the west act as if they are magically immune from retribution. But it is likely that there will be blood worldwide if Assad and his family are exterminated as a birthday wish for Siddiqui. [On a Guardian UK TalkBack of September 10, 2001, I suggested to an arrogant Israeli talk board lawyer living in NYC, who calmly declared that Palestinian slavery would be good for them and for their Israeli owners, that I expected "whirlwinds" if his opinions reflected the culture of the USI. The next day was the whirlwind, the blowback of Sept 11, 2001... I was astonished while revolted at the targets including so many innocents. I am again most fearful that we will also expect more whirlwinds and we innocent bystanders may be in the way.]
NOTE: Since I posted this blog, The Star and its fundamentalist Muslim writer were rewarded by the news of their Wabhabbi-Salafist rebels fighting for “Canadian Ideals” as defined by that duo, had just bombed and murdered 4 top Syrian officials including its Christian Defence Minister. I imagine their private high fives  will not lead them to take credit publicly for their murderous incitement to bomb Assad as they blame the victims. There was blood - on their heads.
If his presentation were not enough to motivate Canadians to embrace his ghastly enterprise, Siddiqui skilfully stroked their reluctance by offering another hero of "Canadian ideals" - US bomb-the-Muslims, Senator John McCain, who had urged Obama to bomb Syria, bomb Iran, bomb Hezbolla, bomb any Muslim...  So, this pro-Saudi editor declared that bomber McCain was backed by our own Lloyd Axworthy [who was pressed by a deviously persistent Siddiqui to offer succor of sort]. These "Canadian ideals" he explained, were Axworthy's R2P and his Ottawa Accords, land mines ban.

CANADA SHOULD BOMB SAUDI KING, ABDULLAH BIN ABDUL AZIZ AL SAUD, HIS PALACES AND BARRACKS? This Sunni columnist did not suggest that we bomb the misogynist, decapitator and tyrant, Saudi King, Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al Saud, his palaces and barracks -  presumably because they do not violate his own sectarian, fundamentalist values or concepts of our "Canadian ideals."  I do not support the bombing of any of these Gulf tyrants or any country.

Is Siddiqui a manipulated LDG or an eyes wide open, Muslim sectarian fundamentalist? After all, any reasonable Canadian knows that mass murder results when homes of sleeping families and immediate neighbours are bombed by military powers – complete extermination. His raging sectarian exhortation for his gift of death to mostly non-Sunni Syrians, to be delivered by Canada –  was published the day after his birthday. He is committed to the fundamentalist rebels in Syria who are linked to extreme forms of Wahabbi-Salafist Sunni Islam, which views Shiia or Alawites as heathens. And hate Christians.
A link to the Wahabbi-Salafist conundrum.
Here are the two links to the Toronto Star’s death calls:
The genocide promoting pair has not attempted to offer its readers any context for the geopolitical background to the organized campaign to deliver an new pass over of mass killing. In their deliberate vacuum, surrounded by disinformation and sectarian blood thirst, I attempt to provide some context and commentary. We simply cannot support the planned destruction of Syria without understanding, in some measure, the forces of radical hatred from both messianic Judeo-Zionism and from Wahhabi-Salafist fundamentalism. Should we hide our heads because of some indoctrinated guilt about speaking the truth concerning those who live as if they are separate and Chosen? If we do let The Star and Siddiqui place gulag hoods over our heads willingly, then do expect that the Christians, who fled the Christian Bush-Blair holocaust of Iraq, to sanctuary in Syria, will be engulfed in a dreadful, vengeful response from the Sunnis.
After the successful holocaust of Iraq, to rejuvenate the protocols of “A Clean Break – A New Strategy for securing the [Greater] Realm,” and its progeny, “Project for The New American Century,” the existential alliance I have for several decades dubbed the USI, has now focused on the rest of the story... take Lebanon, Palestine, Syria - then through the Gates of Damascus, to deliver the messianic holocaust of Iran. Preferably having the 'experienced' Goyim do the dirty deed... to be the new Pontius Pilate.
The Master Franchisers of war, the top tier of the 1% that controls our lives, culture, livelihoods ...  while engaging in legalized financial gangsterism, have arranged with their franchisees - corporate media, faith pulpits, legislatures, NGO's - to gang up for demonizing yet another Muslim head of state, right on the heels of Libya’s deconstruction into feuding, tribalism, while they control its water, oil and land. The specific objective of the two protocols are to divide the New World Order for their more cunning governance, into:
1] The Jewish state’s WMD hegemony over a New Middle East, and
2] The New American Empire dominating the ROW.

WOULD A WORLD WAR 111 FURTHER ENRICH THE 1% AS WE ARE FORCED TO A FACE DOWN AGAINST CHINA, RUSSIA, HEZBOLLAH, IRAN? A crucial question on the Syrian deconstruction next step, is whether Russia and China will continue to stand in the way of the Protocols Master Franchisers of War, in order to stave off their own fate as marginalized and truncated powers in the looming, planned World War III reorder? Or will Hezbollah and Iran rescue the Goyim world from irredentist Israel’s Greater Realm rooted in the messianic King's Torah Laws of death?  These two targets may have to fight to the death to prevent their targeted destruction by the two authors of these deadly new Protocols, as they pursue full spectrum morbidity and accelerated mortality for the Islamic Ummah. 

Former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski has warned that a US military confrontation with Iran could be devastating for the American economy. 
“A war in the Middle East, in the present context, may last for years,” Brzezinski said in an interview with Newsmax.TV published on Wednesday.[But a bonanza for the 1% Master Franchisers of War]
North Africa’s Egypt – always part of the Middle East planning – has just partially escaped from the USI’s 30 years of twisted slavery - but they will fix that later. Should the Muslim Brotherhood’s titular control become an immovable object for the Greater Realm, especially if it unblocks the Egyptian part of the Israel pogrom of Gaza, then just one ‘accident’ to the Aswan Dam would wash away most of Egypt’s population forever; just as the stoned authors of the biblical fables of slavery and exodus would have wished. No nukes required. Or, less extreme, another darkness of their paid-off Egyptian generals to resume terrible control to “protect the Egyptian people.”
Remember that the Judaism and Christo-Zionism cults, have self-marinated in the myth of an Egyptian bondage and escape that is a figment of the imagination of the self-appointed biographers of their God. They nurse these perceptions at their mothers’ knees in a culture of  bitterness toward the "Egyptians" and the "Ishmaelites." Myths and fables nurtured to bind their religious communality into an amorphous People, of one genetic line with an umbilical cord still connected to a genocidal God, as portrayed in the OT. The mythology has been as useful and effective as it is delusional and an existential spear into the gizzards of the Goyim. Their Land Title Registry is Cloud based, open only to the Chosen. Just take their world or be set upon in myriad ways.
Journalistic or even analytic integrity is not part of the media duo’s provocations for us to go to war in the M.E. And this duo acts wilfully blind about the reality that the Protocols objectives are as crystal clear to the two Shiia, Muslim actors as they were opaque to Saddam’s and Gaddafi’s, Western seduced sons and advisors, who assured them that surrendering a nuclear or other deterrent, and paying billions to their vampires of the Protocols, while acting as contract torturers for Canada, UK, FR and the USI, would ensure their safety. "OK, deal!"  [We were not invited to the funerals since their corpses were snatched and hidden.]
Also, here are links to the various references to the protocols for smashing and seizing the Middle East:
AFTER Israel'si Greater Realm Control N. Lebanon of a Syria reduced to a federation of Bantustans.
PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT - the military battlescape includes our minds.
The domestically liberal Toronto Star has accelerated the occupation of Canadian minds, millions of readers at a time, using advanced perception management techniques around the implied Canadian sacredness of their mass assassination calls. These techniques involve bombing our brains' amygdala centres with a campaign of dissembling reporters and skewed images to sway our emotions in support of the blood-stained, OT, pass over fate they are proposing for Syria's several minority sects - including many Christians. In concert, the Royal CBC and other broadcasters manage the hate with self-serving images..
The Star’s fuller control of our emotions via our amygdala is vital to mute citizenry’s opposition to franchisee Parliament’s expenditures of hundreds of billions for the military and societal destruction of Syria. This, so that the vampire corporations do not have to pay for this devastation, essential for their post-death looting. Spending for the war once achieved, our franchisee MPs will be carping about  level of expenditures rather than the violations of fundamental law and morality behind the bloody pass over. And, in the back rooms, the opposition parties will be jostling for a bigger share of the trickle down bounty of more Muslim blood. Democracy.
Exercising their mastery of Perception Management techniques, this experienced duo softened up Canadians, much as Bush-Blair's Fox and Murdoch media had done, to galvanize Americans and British citizens embrace of Iraq’s destruction and their eventual holocaust of over 1.3 million Iraqis.
Their anti-Syrian campaign is using the perfected techniques employed against Iraq and Libya suppress Canadians basic moral values, by harnessing their anger toward Syria's president Assad. They cast him as a new Gaddafi or former Iraq leader - both portrayed by the Master Franchisers' media, as a mass rapist, personal torturer; a Hitler-like Saddam Hussein, who the media had said ordered his troops to dump preemies onto the Kuwaiti hospital floors from their incubators - which were then shipped to Iraq.  public.[Bush Sr's PR firm had provided the dissembling lineup for his invasion of Iraq - before his son would later finish the holocaust - and later Jr.  confirmed "God told me to do it". The firm had orchestrated a Bush Sr. arranged, Kuwaiti diplomat's "princess" daughter to weep uncontrollably on CNN, to convincingly sell the preemies on the floor, personalized, disgusting, perception-managed, grand lie to manipulate the our emotions. This Arab sweetie was later outed as she was seen bragging and virtually LHAO, but not ROTF, about bamboozling Americans.]
With their mostly one-sided and often disingenuous, reporting on the Syrian death toll, both The Star and its Siddiqui, have callously and vilely desecrated the very large percentage of pro-government victims of Saudi financed, USI directed, terrorist, fundamentalists, by using images of their corpses, or reports, as if these dead were all victims of the government they died supporting, and by flagrantly false reporting, stoking Canadians anger with outrageous dis-information. Their column condemned “the coldblooded murder of 12,000 Syrians” and disingenuously tricks Canadians into accepting their malodorous spin of the murderous rampages of the Syrian rebel Wahabbi fundamentalists as bloodless bombers and throat slitters.
They imply that all these 12,000 are corpses by Assad their Master Franchisers current new R2P and ICC demon. By this feat of practiced yet outrageous distortions, Siddiqui insidiously incites you to compare Bashar Assad with “…Saddam Hussein, who gassed tens of thousands of his own rebelling citizens.”  [There, it's done: the war Master Franchisers have a a new Arab Hitler cum Saddam for their Siddiquis to burn at the Toronto Star's public stake to justify expenditures of $billions that will benef the war Master Franchisers. This would be for another sacred R2P cause. Shouldn't  Haroon be be shilling for a percentage?]  
[Note] Saddam Gassed thousands of Kurds with America’s active assistance and in situ oversight by CIA and military personnel, so as to learn more about effectiveness of the germ stocks and delivery systems they sold to Iraq. America also helped him to gas hundreds of thousands of Iranians as he tried to seize their oil fields for US oil corps. Ask Donald Rumsfeld who visited the USI’s asset, Saddam Hussein. America forestalled anu UN condemnation - but in fact, most of the UN SC was complicit.].

SYRIAN DEMOGRAPHICS. Christians, Alawites, Shiia, Druze, Baha'i, Zoroastrians, Kurds, Jews. 
Jews you do not hear about from The Star or its Muslim writer - another 25,000 Jews live in the occupied Syrian Golan and Sheba Farms. Technically, they are part of Syria's demographics even if they are professional land thieves. With the Protocols for the Greater Middle East and the smashing of the Syrian nation which is in play, these Jewish land thieves will legally own Syria's Golan and Sheba since the defeated Muslims will vote democratically - see our inked fingers at the future The Star website - to surrender their lands and to self-chosen Apartheid.

More diabolical than that grumbled about by true Anti-Jewish observers. Syrian demographics would now be the basis for the Protocols sectarian and ethnic barbarism in deconstruction the Syrian nation and in further pursuit of its Chosen World – Our War on Islam And Our Own Freedoms. The Gulf tyrants turn will come later as these kapos complete their new death camps chambers.
CLEANSING OF CHRISTIANS AND OUR CHURCHES FROM A DECONSTRUCTED SYRIA OF BANTUSTANS. Just as Canada’s own Canada Israel Public Security Agreement, is a deadly serious legal document which the Toronto Star will not analyze or comment upon, so is their approach to full disclosure to Canadians of the consequences of their gruesome advocacy. Do a Harper Regime. Go dark.
Even before their death advocacy as being inspired by ‘sacred Canadian values,’ the Christian toll in Syria was already accelerating with deaths, beatings, expulsions at the hands of the Wahabbi-Salafist fundamentalists who are supported by the USI – but with religious cover provided by Siddiqui’s Saudi Arabia. And also, Christianity’s earliest churches are being vandalized by the Sunni fundamentalists. Siddiqui knows this and is in silent complicity, as is The Star.
Christians now comprise 20% of that population - a doubling as they fled from Bush-Blair's post-Holocaust Iraq. Some fled the aerial pass overs but many others fled from the Post Bush-Blair, Islamic massacres since Christians were identified with our Crusaders. Ironically, Syria assisted the American's Holocaust after being told bluntly by God inspired Bush Jr. to help or die. The large Syrian Christian presence is an uncomfortable fact that Siddiqui and his handlers do not highlight. They will be offered their own Bantustan and friendly links to the west, including Canada.
SYRIA WOULD BE EATEN BY THE JEWISH STATE’S NEW BORDERS. The Syrian nation’s new demographics would be forever re-ordered as a new world middle east fact. Together, the current Syrian minorities primarily comprise that nation's secular leadership and business class. 
To the Master Franchisers of war, such bombing would be a helpful, mass murder the entire Assad family, political & military leadership and the hundreds of thousands of troops who would be in their barracks across Syra. Fundamentalist allied Siddiqui suggested that this genocide would be in honour of 'Canadian ideals.'
If their mass killing is blocked by Russia and China, the Master Franchisers of war will ensure that their fomented bombings and murders of Syrian minorities will be accelerated. The USI is an accomplished killer of leaders, scientists, activists and civilians. At this stage, the Protocols successful deconstruction of the Syrian nation depends on a hate-driven, fundamentalist, Sunni government that excludes any but token minority elements and likely excluding women. The Master Franchisers of War will select other Muslim, Little Drummer Girls and cooperative kapos, to front 'elections.' Then the elected figures will willingly enact the ‘constitution’ supplied by the USI, which will permit deconstruction the Syrian nation into hate filled Bantustans, controlled by Israel as part of their greater realm. [A similar deconstruction of Libya is being managed by its kapo ‘elected’ politicians supervised by the USI]
And presto, their boundaries will legally include the Golan, Sheba Farms and as much more of former Syrian nation as these professional land thieves can lay claim to. Including the rest of Palestine. Then as much of Lebanon as they can seize.
TORONTO STAR TELLS REBELS TO IGNORE UN PEACE PLAN AS A FARCE. Imagine, a Canadian media giant defying the UN’s attempts at forging a peaceful transition to more representative governance and sending murderous fanatics signals to defy peace. Cleverly, they used mouthpiece Siddiqui to issue defiance of the Annan peace plan. His articles did not explain to his Canadian audience that the fanatic, Saudi paid, USI controlled rebels spokesmen from US and Israeli "think tanks," have absolutely also refused the UN Kofi Annan peace proposals. More nefariously, Siddiqui, is  or has become a partisan supporter of Syrian civil war . 
These fundamentalist Wahabi-Salafist, Sunni gunmen, recently applied beatings to some of their more rational leaders at a recent 'unity' conference sponsored by the west's franchisees of the Protocols Master Franchisees of war. No to peace, yes to war. But a war where foreign armed insurrectionists should not be shot even as they murdered opponents and the state and expelled Christians from around Homs.
The immediate Machiavellian purpose is to encourage Syria's majority Sunni Muslim sect to eradicate their despised, 'heretical, minority Muslim sects. Only by achieving this tactical objective can the Protocols be advanced for their deconstructed New Middle East. Siddiqui and the Master Franchisers would determine how many and which individuals  of the many  minorities would be left to survive the bloody R2P-R2K. He has not disappointed his handlers so far in casting blood thirsty rebels as firing blanks but being slaughtered by the state which is not fighting fairly.
The legal advisor to the International Red Cross has just thrown a shoe in the faces of The Star and Siddiqui, who have merely blinked and directed our perception managed anger to look elsewhere. The ICRC has told the west’s war mongers at the UN SC,  that the Syrian government  has a Responsibility to Protect is citizens from the rebel attacks which the duo defends by not condemning them - even while they rage at the armed response from the besieged state. [see below].
No to peace, yes to war. But a war where Siddiqui is outraged that foreign armed insurrectionists should not be shot  - even as they murdered opponents of the state and expelled Christians from around some of their historic, traditional homes.  Invoke the noble principle of R2P, despite the fact that it has become in use, a bloody R2-K.
No peace! This editorial writer tendentiously rejects the UN Peace Plans , thus faithfully echoing the foreign implanted, ‘think tank leaders’ on the Master Franchisers payrolls. Siddiqui brazenly derided UN Envoy Kofi Annan as promoting a “farce”- a “pretence for doing something.” That was as Annan tried to get the armed fundamentalists and undemocratic Syrian government to both agree to a cease fire and to negotiate a peaceful transition to representative governance. The rebels rebelled:  Like Siddiqui.
This Toronto Star and its employee are thus self-exposed as public scofflaws of the UN peace plan – acceptable only if it brings thousands of bombs and missiles on the sects Siddiqui demonizes. And if the UN does not, well, Canada and the NATO foreign Legion of the USI can. The Toronto Star tells us that it must be only one party that must make peace – the Syrian government. This is coders who that newspaper believes is already under its perception management effective. 
Indeed, it is as their Muslim Little Drummer Girl is being handled internally by a team comprised of IslamoFrantic Rosie Dimanno, Israel-centric, internal scourge of staff reporters, public editor, Kathy English, and the shoot-and-cry Martin Regg Cohn, who berates those who accuse Israel of Apartheid-like policies, including the IQAIA of the Pride Parades. 
Blog by chosenworld [John Ish Ishmael] - March 22nd, 2009
UNDECLARED CONFLICT OF INTEREST. The Star's man embraces the Saudi financed, Sunni Syrian fundamentalists as natural allies for bringing 'Canadians ideals' to an already assaulted and bloodied Syria, but he has sedulously neglected to disclose to readers, his actual or potential sectarian conflict of interest, as editorial page pro-Sunni editor advocating for the bombing of non-Sunni minorities. Note: John le Carre's novel, Little Drummer Girl, escorts us through the deceptive malware of espionage & false flags; an alluring English actress lover to a Palestinian hero, mind-moulded in "the theatre of treachery" by an Israeli agent so they can murder the Palestinian. They do. As in real life.
LIBYA'S HUNGER GAMES AFTER CANADIAN BOMBING. That same script used so effectively before. It was only logical, therefore, for Stephen Harper to call for "ending his [Gaddafi's] life," to respect our Canadian ideals and values. Harper was a Canadian head of state who felt he could call for the murder of yet another Muslim head of state.  Our three major political parties were outraged that the killing was taking so long and was costing $50 million - which Peter MacKay later thought may be more that $100 million, and counting. Meanwhile, now socially insecure Libyans are scrabbling for subsistence since their liberators have diverted their oil wealth from such useless Gaddafi welfare projects such as free food, subsidized housing and fuel, completely free education and living allowances from start to even post-graduate futures - these were an affront to us Canadians who have to work several jobs just to remain merely ...poor. And an affront to the Kevin O'Learys of  greed on Royal CBC and our corporate boardrooms, as they collectively gagged on Quebec's students uprising for control of elites controlled, university squander mania, that was passed onto undergraduate students backs. Canadian ideals indeed.
Our media here and in the EU, skilfully reported on images of jobs-for-deaths, from its appeal to our greed and economic stress. Just imagine all the loot from re-building what we were destroying, all seized Libyan assets, billions. They did not report on most of those billions that surely are enjoying freedom in political pockets across the predatory western, Franchisees.
MASTER FRANCHISERS OF WAR - THE TOP TIER OF THE 1% OF GREED. Only the rich who prosper from wars economic activity will benefit from another Crusade; their kids Trusts will be enhanced, as their children enjoy blood profit benefits in safety, far from the war front of our soldier-ant, dead-heroes-to-be. Super wealthy, Master Franchisers for war have again galvanized their worldwide political, media and faith franchisees, whose economic lives they affect or control, to soften our minds for the Hunger Games of their next mass-killing projects - Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Iran. An attractive fallout for Apartheid Israel and Turk-hating Europe, would include teaching the Turks a bitter lesson by creating a Kurdistan - of cantons - carved from Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran - and made part of the hegemonic, irredentist  Judaic state of the hoped for Greater Realm.
The Canadian Federal LPC and CPC, had similarly, a decade ago, set the stage in Afghanistan, for  what I have described as the "political homicide" of 158 Canadian troops. They have been spun by the homicide inducing politicians as heroes as they return in plastic bags, sometimes inserted in the coffins. These pols approved participation in the joint killing of hundreds of thousands of Afghan Muslims, with our media selling us, the underclass, feel good slogans and reporting that our country Is again at war again to ‘protect sacred Canadian values,’ as defined by this rich ruling class - and this bomb Assad duo. Our religious franchisees also participated - incuding the MCC-backed, "peace" centred Project Plowshares.
If we grab hold of our perception groomed minds for a few moments, do compare this Toronto Star and Siddiqui's genocidal birthday wish for Syria’s leadership, to the equivalent terrorist horror, though on much smaller scale, to if the G20 hotels and  conference rooms in Toronto had been bombed during a full meeting in 2010, of leaders, aides, accompanying spouses and families - along with the compounds for the over 20,000 cops imported from across Canada [to protect sidewalks-as-public-infrastructure, by arresting, brutalizing, jailing over a thousand Canadian citizens. Ghastly, eh?
Siddiqui has tried to enrage Canadians by including references to Syria’s “violations” of Canada’s “sacred principles” regarding R2P and the Ottawa Accords regarding banning landmines. He asserts that Syria has set land mines to “prevent Syrians from fleeing.” He does not inform readers that such mines are mainly used to prevent attacking forces or infiltrators from entering a country. Siddiqui does not inform his readers that Israel, a party to the conflict and occupier of Syrian lands as well of those of Palestine, has sowed hundreds of thousands of such mines to prevent Golan or Palestinian refugees from entering their occupied lands. Indeed, during a Land Day 2 years ago, many Arabs who tried to get close to their old lands were killed and maimed by the Israeli land mines – and bullets.

Syria, unfortunately, like Israel, Russia, India, China, America … is not a signatory to the ban on use of land mines. Siddiqui is an inciter to sectarian violence. Did TheStar attempt to convey to his likely excited readers, the enormity of the responses and consequences for Canada and all the parties if Siddiqui received his deadly wish? What kind of editorial page responsibility is that?

Should Syria be smashed, starving, ink-stained survivors will be again be media managed to shout their joy, displaying their own inked fingers which placed the USI’s kapos in power to quickly enact laws for self-destruction of their nation into powerless Bantustans of fear, hate and poverty. Syria would be the first nation to self-inflict Apartheid on itself. The Clean Break protocols have no other objective. These new hunger games victims would possibly be easily forces to agree to pay ‘reparations in perpetuity’ to compensate their chosen masters for pain and suffering and economic losses of the earlier wars. 
Since they would have exterminated an independent, military strong Syria, Israeli Master Franchisers would be able to instruct the UN SC - via the existential entity, the USI - to accept Golan and Sheba Farms as part of the Greater Realm of the New Israel, thus giving Israel effective hegemony over the pitiful, pastoral cantons of deconstructed Syria and non-existent state. Its surviving Muslims in the new Bantustans could trade their sweat and dignity for shekels of the Realm's chosen corporations. This result if the Toronto Star and the world wide Franchisers succeed, would be a reflection of a diabolical, USI future, as examined in my “Chosen World Our War on Islam And Our Own Freedoms.”
Yet, to bolster your support for their blood-stained pass over, The Star and its Muslim columnist used their franchised media pulpit to invoke goodness of our very own respected Christian Crusader, Lloyd Axworthy’s R2P, and Ottawa [Land Mines Ban] Accord, as the legal justification of Canadians "sacred values," to rain destruction on the people of Syria.
The euphonious, yet innocuous, 3 character, acronym for a war plague, R2P – Responsibility to Protect - was also recently used as the basis to slaughter thousands of Libyans who opposed western and Israeli interests in N. Africa, and the Rome Treaty's ICC as the judicial blackmail to bludgeon the Assas's circle so that they would defect - and take their 30 pieces of dirty bribes.
Certainly our R2P did not include protection of the hundreds of thousands of Black Africans who once lived and worked peacefully in pre R2P Libya – and were then raped, or tortured, or ethnically cleansed or murdered [3] by NATO’s armed fundamentalists? This aspect of our Libyan R2P is a subject that Canada’s media and the west’s avoid or cover with deceptive minimalism or outright falsehood. Africa’s media, though, is outraged at the ethnic war crimes which Canada and NATO have delivered. How can the war mobsters deny responsibility with any credibility?
Lloyd Axworthy was one of my Canadian political heroes; he was our Liberal foreign minister from 1996 to 2000 and held other portfolios before that. He personally intervened when I asked him to assist my now deceased brother to obtain Canadian residency. I remain grateful to Mr. Axworthy, now University of Manitoba Chancellor but my belief if Christ’s summons to speak up for the weak is an obligation that Mr. Axworthy will understand even if he disagrees with me. I appeal to his humanity and to his New Testament Christianity to revisit the perversion of his R2P and to curb his OT Christian Crusader beliefs.
But beliefs, his or mine or yours, are difficult to modify. Hence the success of the media and religious pulpits for perception management on behalf of the 1%.“Sacred values”? Years after Mr. Axworthy helped me, as he did many other Canadians and early immigrants, our Crusader railed against the first round of free elections in military ruled Algeria, when the FIA – Islamic Front for Algeria – won in elections supervised by the military junta. He then issued a thinly veiled summons to the junta to block the next round of elections so that “Islamists” could not rule in a democratically elected legislature.
This blocking of Islamists from a democratic victory, was Mr. Axworthy’s very embryonic R2P inspired by his Crusader’s antipathy for Islam and his abhorrence for their being democratically elected. Lloyd Axworthy came out of the Crusader closet and his coming out led to that mass murder, stifling of Arab democracy and later to other bloodlettings under the R2P tent.  [Lloyd Axworthy is aware that I have posted this recollection of his signal to that junta several times before now; he has not denied or corrected them or given me any other mitigating explanations, which I would of course have immediately reviewed.]
To massage our minds more effectively, The Star had added this emotional tag line to its ‘bomb Assad’ caption: “It’s time to invoke the Canadian/United Nations principle of R2P, the responsibility to protect.” The stories let you know that Siddiqui had consulted with Lloyd Axworthy, and skilfully implied his passionate complicity in their grisly call for the aerial Passover of the Assad family residences. All of them. Perhaps Axworthy is fully complicit since he has not asked for a clarification of his support. And likely since in the early 1990’s he had exhorted a Muslim junta to block democratic, fair Islamic group’s victory. Over a million Muslims died from that junta’s acceptance of his exhortation. [More below.]
And today, who wouldn’t want to back this simplistic sound bite of the euphonic R2P’s perception management? It evokes Clintwood heroism, Girl Guides, Boy Scouts and brave Firemen? And it bathes us with a do-good feeling about R2P – even as Canada’s pulverizes and vaporizes women, children and men to ‘protect’ those who manage to survive and employ our corporations to rebuild their destroyed country. R2P so far, has turned ‘protection’ into a ghastly lie that is more reminiscent of the protection offers of western gangsters or today’s military generals dealing with their captive populations of ‘militants’ and ‘terrorists.’ Currently, R2P is virtually the Intellectual Property of our war monger elites to target those who stand in way of their seizing resources or lands – or legislatures. Yet, R2P, is a concept that appealed to me years ago – before it was used as R2K - which its big sponsors understood they would do’ They have turned this political tool as a military stick against ‘enemies’ of the USI. No word of this from The Star. Today, I would again support R2P when it is applied to our own actions and those of rogue war mongers such as the US, UK, IL, FR and other murder tyrannies including the Gulf regimes.
Video of Canada-backed Libyan militants forcing Black Africans to literally eat the flag of post R2P Libya.

ICC – INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT: THE RACIST SPEAR OF THE R2P-R2-K.  Similarly, the ICC [International Criminal Court] has been used by the US-UK as their special gulag court, to prosecute and to blackmail uncooperative heads of state or fighters - 17 Africans and no other races to date, under prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo. Until last month. Ocampo loudly brandished rape allegations against such enemies, including Gaddafi, even while he was, before and during his entire ICC tenure, accused of serious, multiple sex abuses that echo those of former IMF bigwig, Dominique Strauss-Khan, who is now being prosecuted and sued civilly for his alleged abuses of females at IMF and across a spectrum of countries. This not Monday morning quarterback wisdom. Several years ago, my blog asked: “IS THE ICC SELF DESTRUCTING UNDER MORENO-OCAMPO?” By ChosenWorld / John Ish Ishmael]
No word of this degradation of the ICC as an axe against Africans or of the multiple sex allegations against Ocampo from our media pulpit. The Star has, though. focused much of its energy deconstructing Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford effectiveness. 
As I was reviewing my article today, I noticed the The Star’s editorial 11 July, 2012, was coldly silent about the continued Africans-only accused; it harrumphed about ensuring good process - even as it listed the Africans-only roster of the allegedly worst of the world’s political criminals in the ICC dock, without comment on this hateful, racial process of exclusion of White western leaders. The Star’ s editorial 11 July, 2012, even with more revelations of serious, systemic, prosecutorial perversions by Ocampo: “Stern messages about war crimes and due process from International Criminal Court.” It concluded that: “…. ICC is hearing cases that range from the fugitive Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony to crimes in Kenya, Congo, Darfur, Libya, the Central African Republic and Côte d’Ivoire. As the case list grows, the court’s credibility rides on showing that its procedures are above reproach.” End.
So, R2P, has morphed into a western licence for R2-K, while the ICC has become a sharp spear to hunt, harass and jail Black Africans only, with good procedures. To clear the way for AfriCom, the USI and to unblock any Black nationalists resistance to the current corrupted by the West, legal seizure of African resources and vast areas of land. If ICC fails, there is always its Axworthy sibling, R2P, bearing its R2K Crusader’s missile spears. These two now rogue organizations are lauded for goodness by our perception-managed minds which are now massaged by an ever growing cadres of educated, efficient, modern Mad Men, cultural anthropologists, demographers, marketers, data base experts, social media whizzes.Fortunately, for the Canadian and Syrian people, the Harper Regime does not yet have its F35’s to R2K M.E ‘enemies’ of the USI.
Consider that an IDF Brigadier General, Hartzi Halevy, on 05 July, 2012, just three days after the world-wide, Master-Franchiser-coordinated, Bomb Assad call by the Toronto Star and its Muslim enabler, Siddiqui, underscored the holocaust-like consequences for Syrians, Lebanese and Iranians – indeed for the entire region – in pitiless, grisly, Kings Torah, detail if The Star and Siddiqui were granted ‘success’ for the extermination of Syria’s leaders and their families.
The IDF announcement is not because he does not glow at the OT vision of the self-declared Chosen, but he wants the feared Hezbollah resistance hold fire, to not resist, when Israel’s seizure of south Lebanon is again attempted, to enact the messianic protocols of the Greater Realm.
This terrifying IDF warning came just a month and three days after this media duo’s hateful incitement to kill for what Siddiqui ironically describes as “Canadian ideals” of R2P and landmines ban. That Realm, which laid down 10,000,000 cluster bombs on Lebanon, and has not as well signed the land mines “Ottawa Accord” ban, [backed by Axworthy and the MI6 –offed, Princess Diana], or the or the Rome Treaty’s ICC, directed IDF Brigadier General Hartzi Halevy, on July 05 2012, to overtly issue an “R2-K” to Lebanon. Smelling Arab blood in the water, he predicted another Israeli invasion of Lebanon “soon,” likely after collapse of Syria’s secular regime, and declared, unmindful of the Goyim world, that, in effect: ‘We will kill even more civilians and kids than the Goldstone Report showed’. The Goldstone report will pale in comparison to what will be here next time,” Halevy said.
If Israel were resisted, the IDF would harmonize with the Chosen’s “King’s Torah” genocide instructions, with a months-long “Passover” of extermination that would make Israel’s Gaza exterminations between 27 December 2008 and 18 January 2009, pale in relation to his new, promised blood lust.  I checked Haaretz, aware that The Star and Siddiqui had  not done its journalistic or even its “sacred R2P” duty by informing its mind-moulded readers that disintegration of Syria would likely permit Israel’s irredentist expansion of its Greater Realm, with a massive R2K, cleansing of the lands as admonished by their OT - which the Church, when they were the then sole Christian Faith Franchisor, inserted into our Christian Bible for better marketing to potential Hebrew franchisees.
Haaretz: 05 July, 2012. Officer says instability in Syria could ignite violent confrontation with Lebanese army, says 'Goldstone report will pale in comparison to what will be here next time.'

I am familiar with the Israeli war code: this Israeli general is stating that should Syria become “unstable” [as it would, under the The Star, Siddiqui, Axworthy, promoted R2K], Israel would  ‘pre-empt’ possibility of an attack, and thus mass exterminations of Lebanese civilians [and Syrians] by the IDF will occur. Israel as usual, would not be concerned about Geneva Accords and civilians. It is guided by the tenets of the King’s Torah.
Israel has millions of tons of ghastly bio-horror and chemical weapons deployed at various bases. Yet, with its media control, it is casting itself as a saviour of the world if it and the US bomb Syria for a ‘different’ purpose: destruction of Syrian counter weapons – mostly chemical. This would embolden the Greater Realm of God-granted land thieves to accelerate Syria’s destruction and deconstruction. The Toronto Star of course reports ths ‘threat to the world from Syria’ with grave declarations. Their Jewish state’s production and deployment of thousands of times more deadly bio and chemical weapons is never a part of their perception management dis-information. Are we merely Canadian sheeple?
GOLDSTONE REPORT ON ISRAELI’S ‘CAST LEAD’ INVASION OF GAZA. Summary by a Jewish group [the original Report is very lengthy but it is still online]
THE KING’S TORAH [By: Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira and Rabbi Yosef Elitzur] Murder is the Master of Rulings.
A BETTER SOLUTION TO THE  PROTOCOLS FOR A CLEAN BREAK? - ISRAEL MOVES TO CANADA: How I envisaged a mass walk of Palestinians back to their homeland – Chosen World – our war on Islam and our own freedoms”, viewed alternative, near futures linked to current events, and contemplated such radical changes – including the possibility of failed Israel moving to Canada, “lock, stock and WMD”. Such western aerial terrorist slaughters could unravel the Middle East and much of the world. In this regard, my book. This blog is from May 19th, 2011 – CHAPTER FIVE: CHOSEN WORLD - WAR ON ISLAM & OUR OWN FREEDOMS – By JOHN ISH ISHMAEL. Copyright 2007-2012
TORONTO STAR’S ATKINSON TRUST'S OBJECTIVES BEEN SUBVERTED: - IS IT FROM A REVIVAL OF THE TEAM OF GREED THAT WAS BANISHED FROM TOR STARS CORPORATE TEMPLES YEARS EARLIER?  - Or has TorStar CEO, humanist, John Honderich been a closet Crusader and like Axworthy did earlier, decided to declare himself? Good going, Toronto Star and Siddiqui: you have subverted the Atkinson Trust & editorial principles for the 1% for which you now shill and who were once routed and expelled by John Honderich, with the support of the five families of the Atkinson Voting Trust. He is now CEO of TorStar, and I am gob smacked that he is apparently part of this betrayal, as I view it.
Their sophisticated publisher and editors are aware that such bombing of homes would produce the same mass murder as if Canadian neighbourhoods of Jews, Sikhs, Muslims or Christians were bombed while they and their families were at sleep.

Islamists Nearly Wipe Out Christians in Syrian City – Christian Post – March 26, 2012.

HAS TOR STAR’S CEO BECOME A FAITH CRUSADER FOR THE BOTH PROTOCOLS?  I remain puzzled and can only rely on logical conclusions – which are not necessarily the true facts.
Why has The Star, which condemns racial profiling in Toronto and intolerance in Ontario , on the side of such unjustness when it comes to Israel’s Geat Realm? And why is Siddiqui such an apparently willing sectarian instrument for his employers? Is John Honderich a closet Crusader as Lloyd Axworthy once was? Certainly, he also knows that Syrian secular society and governance puts the fundamentalist, misogynistic tyrannies Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE … to shame. And these tyrannical regimes are certainly not on Siddiqui’s kill-them-all bombing lists, even as they murder their own Shia populations and terrorise their females and civil protesters with brutality, torture, lashings, jailing and orgies of beheading.
He and the The Star know for a fact that Syrian Christians and other religious minorities have thrived in safety with that country’s secular government and have been for many decades, an integrated part of its governance, cultural and commercial life. Syria has an emancipated female population – except among some of its Saudi loving Wahhabi-Salafist fundamentalists, who are often in consort with Al Qaeda elements or sentiments.  I suspect that The Star and its sectarian Muslim jihadist will see their dream of a destroyed Syria in the immediate overt control of fundamentalist Sunnis, a reality as the gruesome liberation of this secular governance accelerates under KING’S TORAH halachic rules. 
Canada’s turn is approaching but it will likely be bloodless – it has begun with the signing of the seditious, subsersive, CANADA ISRAEL PUBLIC SECURITY AGREEMENT of 2008 – the only ripples you have seen were those of its instructions to the 2010 Harper Regime’s Toronto G20 defence of sidewalks as “public infrastructure” – one of the responsibilities conferred  by the CIPSA upon Apartheid Israel, to defend Canada. Read it and weep and notice that foreign state’s access to your “biometric data” – not iris scans but all of your health files. Let the Toronto Star tell you all about it. But it won’t and if it did the CIPSA would be transformed as to protect “Canadian Ideals.”
Note: Neither The Star nor Haroon Siddiqui has exposed their readers to the centrality of the current calls to demolish Syria, Lebanon and Iran nor of the King’s Torah’s halachic call to murder Goyim. That call is openly adored by the messianic squatters who largely control or influence the Knesset, IDF and other centres of Israeli Jewish life.
THE KING’S TORAH [By: Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira and Rabbi Yosef Elitzur] Murder is the Master of Rulings.
MAP OF DISMEMBERED SYRIA - cut into fear filled Bantustans of race and religion.
American Project for the New Middle East – one map – link
A GLIMPSE INTO THE KING’S TORAH [CAUTION – DISTURBING READING] This in consonance with the Jewish State’s A CLEAN BREAK – STRATEGY FOR SECURING THE [GREATER] REALM. Both of these protocols were given a Frankenstein boost with the holocaust of Iraq, but it was disrupted after Israel’s assault on Lebanon from 12 July – 14 Aug 2006, was routed. Imagine the consequences for the Syrian minorities at the hands or the policies of this important group and their King’s Torah open admonition to exterminate civilians and children. This is not some anti-Chosen fabrication as you can see from the links herein, but those rabbinical tenets were widely reported in Israel, as having been issued to the IDF when it ravished Gaza and killed an astonishing number of children and civilians.  The bomb call duo cannot advise you of these widespread halachic sentiments in the country that wants us to expend our blood and treasure for the greater realm because of the 1%’s rule that such truths cannot appear in our media. But consider this excerpt from one King’s Torah review: -
‘Chapter five, entitled "The Killing of Gentiles in War," the authors write that it is not only the fighters who engage in war against Israel that should be killed, but any citizen in the region or in a hostile state, who encourages fighters or expresses satisfaction with their actions, must be killed as well. .. thus allowing the killing of those innocent civilian gentiles who do not participate at all in the course of war. As for children from birth through adolescence, who of course do not violate the Seven Laws for not realizing or hearing about them, can be killed "because of the future risk they pose if they are allowed to live and grow up and thus become evildoers like their parents." 
Do we expect the Toronto Star to provide the full context of their calls for fulfilment of these geopolitical protocols?
THIS IS PART ONE – In Part TWO, and any subsequent posts on this Toronto Star campaign, I will warn of consequences for our livelihood by many informed analysts including Americans, British and Israelis, against this genocide. By the next post, the mass genocide may have been accomplished and The Star and Haroon Siddiqui’s combined blood lust, temporarily sated. Till the next bomb-them-all [Muslims] campaign. Lebanon and Iran next?
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